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[Marketplace News] Mekorama Is Now Available For Xbox One

Bruno® 26 Mars 2020

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    Rainy Frog

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    Guide the adorable robot "B" (because he looks like a Bee) to safety after he crash lands on a strange cubic planet. Explore each level, rotating it in 3D to see all sides, looking for a way through to the goal. Make use of lifts and slide platforms to get around while looking out for dangers. Think outside of the box to find solutions sometimes in unconventional ways to find a way forward. You'll be amazed at what's possible (and necessary!) and before long captivated to get to the end. 100 varied levels continuously throws up new surprises that you'll never know what to expect. A physics engine ensures everything moves realistically, such as balls, platforms and even B as he stumbles around the level. Try your hand at creating your own levels with the level editor and see what other unimaginable designs are possible.

    Product Info:

    Developer: Martin Magni, Ratalaika Games
    Publisher: Rainy Frog‬
    Website: Mekorama
    Twitter: @RatalaikaGames / @RainyFrogEng
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    Mekorama Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One
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