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[Marketplace News] Open Country Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Bruno® 10 Juin 2021

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    Open Country

    505 Games

    Get it now
    You're in the wild now! With your backpack stocked and rifle loaded, you are ready to leave city life behind. Make sure you set up camp and a fire before the sun goes down...the wolves and bears are starving and you look like dinner. The Ranger needs some guidance from a skilled outdoorsman, and Gary at the Snowridge Lodge could really use some more game to get him through the rough months. Are you up for the challenge of surviving in the Open Country? - Hunt, Fish, Explore, and Survive as you weather the elements and harsh conditions. - Pack your gear and Loadout: Every area of the map is beautiful and dangerous in its own way- be careful, the animals aren’t too excited to have a houseguest so your backpack and ATV better be ready at all times. - Gary and the locals will give you plenty of tasks to keep you busy, and you might even make a four legged friend along the way. - Level up: Better weapons, better equipment, and better vehicles -are you worthy of being called the Master Outdoorsman?

    Product Info:

    Developer: FunLabs
    Publisher: 505 Games
    Website: Open Country
    Twitter: @505_Games
    Affiliate commission may be earned from Microsoft if you click a link and make a purchase.

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